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Daily Wow Pick - BISSELL Lightweight Bag less Vacuum

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Get your BISSELL Lightweight Bag less Vacuum on Amazon here:

Very affordable pricing among all Vacuum you can find in Amazon. BISSELL Lightweight Bag less Vacuum able to clean hard floors and surface dirt on carpets and area rugs. Surface Type: Counter Tops, Sealed Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet. Dirt Cup Capacity: 0. 67 liter. This product got more than 30 thousands reviews and average rating 4.4 star in Amazon.

It's so tiny and light and thin, you'd think it would be bad. But it's great! I bought it for work in a preschool classroom. We use it everyday over the carpet and tiled areas. It picks up really well and is so light its easy to move around, push, and swivel. My co worker liked it so much she bought one for her home. Need something light that works - this is it. Oh, and not having the brush has been great. We don't have to spend time every few days cutting all that hair out that would otherwise be wrapped around it. Wasn't sure it would work well without the brush, but it does.

Daily Wow Pick conclusion, this is a 4.0 star rating at it class, suitable for small living space and easy to keep. Unless you are aiming for cordless Vaccum then this product is not suitable for you. It has a clip that keeps the body that holds the diet attached to the handle and if this thing falls over it unclicks and makes a mess all over the floor. I also find that for my open concept space the cord is not long enough so I’m constantly moving it from outlet to outlet. And the suction itself isn’t very strong. I’ve often had to feed it dirt that it just refuses to suck up. I’m not very impressed but I do like it for vacuuming couches.



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