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Daily Wow Pick - Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Smartwatch

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Get your Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Smartwatch on Amazon here:

The Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Smartwatch with total hundred of reviews and average rating 4.8 in Amazon could be the best gift to your loved ones.

The Garmin Fenix 6 is the middle child of the Fenix 6 series family. It's the version of the outdoor watch that we imagine current Fenix owners, or those on the hunt for a new sports watch, will be casting an eye over first.

Sitting in between the Fenix 6S and the hulking Fenix 6X, the 6 gives you pretty much all of the same features in a 47mm frame.

You can track runs, hikes, rounds of golf and even your time on the slopes. In terms of the breadth of activities tracked it's in a league of its own, but nearest natural competitors are the Suunto 9, Polar Grit X and Garmin's own (cheaper) Vivoactive 4, which offers similar sports tracking with far less data and battery life.

Going for the Fenix 6 Pro model gives you mapping and navigation features will keep you on the right track when you're out adventuring, and you've got plenty of battery life to keep you away from that charger for weeks or even months.


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