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Daily Wow Pick - MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Get your MalloMe XL Hammock Straps on Amazon here:

Looking for hiking or camping ? The MalloMe Hammock Straps is the essential item for your Hammock! With more than 5 thousands reviews and average 4.8 rating in Amazon.

If I were to recommend a brand, it would be Eno. But if I were to put the top brands in order from best to worst, MalloMe would be right under Eno. Here is my comparison to Enos Doublenest hammock and MalloMes extra large hammock.


• Both could easily fit three maybe four people in them

• Both are made with triple stitching on both the hammock and the straps

• Both come in different color hammocks

• Both have attached storage bags on the hammocks

• Both come with carabiners when buying the hammock. While MalloMe also includes extra carabiners in the strap package. Eno doesn’t include extra in theirs strap bag (oops that’s not a similarity)

• Both are rated to hold at least 2 people


• Eno is softer material and has slightly better quality in their stitching and carabiners

• Eno Doublenest is rated for 400 pounds while MalloMe holds 1000 (I wouldn’t test 4-6 people in it though 😂)

• Eno includes top quality wire hook carabiners while MalloMe has lower quality hooks that still work

• MalloMe has 10/10 customer service and will win you over instantly while eno has a larger customer base and can’t cater to everyone

• Eno has more colors and more attatchment options such as the under hammock storage, the insect safe guard, and the rain tarp while MalloMe has the necessities like straps and hammocks and the rain guard.

• MalloMe straps are longer and have more attatchnent options than eno does and it provides you with more possibilities (ex: thicc trees, or farther distances, or even stronger support if you wrap the slack around the tree and attach the hammock to one of the end loops)

Overall this review is way too long but I wanted to give my full experience with MalloMe and suggest that you look no further than this review. Buy one! HECK, Buy 2 or 3! You won’t be disappointed.



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