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Daily Wow Pick - Massage Gun for Athletes

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Get your Massage Gun for Athletes on Amazon here:

This TaoTronics Portable Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager PRO is one of the best sellers product in Amazon which over thousands of reviews average 4.8 star rating.


1. As a sceptic, I expected the massage to be light with this gun. NOPE! It is very powerful. So much so that I usually just leave the power level at 1 or 2. That's more than sufficient.

2. The gun is light-weight. I had this belief that a good massager needed to be heavy, but that would also impede effective usage. A heavy gun would be hard to maneuver and use, a light would be ineffective. Surprise surprise! This gun is both, light and effective. It can be easily held in one hand and operated.

3. The variety of attachments is overwhelming. I guess its good and bad. I tend to use the spiky ball attachment the post - its softer on the boney parts of the body but effective. Honestly, I haven't used the rest much since trying them out.

4. Its wireless!

5. It works wonders on the sole of the feet and the back/neck!


1. You need to recharge every few uses. Not a bad thing; just got to remember so its ready for next use

2. The power setting button is way too sensitive. One touch and sometimes the power jumps from 1 to 8 within 1 second. Would highly recommend not changing power levels while the massager is in contact with the body.

Overall, this isn't going to undo my desire to get a proper massage chair but at 1/20th the price, its an excellent short term solution.

Daily Wow Pick rating 4.5 stars as the TaoTronics Portable Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager PRO is good for it kinds but it is best to have a second person to use it to massage your back. This could be a great valentine's gift for couples.



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